Sunday, July 31, 2005

Rendezvous with Harsha Bhogle

Today Harsha was there in the campus. This cool dude was visiting his alma-mater. He was the cynosure of all eyes in the AMA organised talk. The talk was studded with witty gems.

A few of his googlies...
... On Indian Hockey: "If Indian Hockey is A and Excellence is B, then A intersection B is a null set"
...On Tendlya: "If Gavaskar's batting was the epitome of the pre-lib junta's favourite fixed deposit schemes, Tendulkar's is the shining example of post liberalisation equity markets"

Post talk, Harsha chatted with us-his facchas-for a 'Bhogling' two hours. Junta wanted to know more about his life in WIMWI than cricket. But still he gave us lots and lots of gyan on cricket and his life as a commentator.

{Here's me and other wimwians all ears to Harsha Bhai}

Harsha Bhogle is a WIMWIan. But he is not an I-Banker or a consulant or an FMCG Head Honcho. He did what he loved doing and the rest is history.

Friday, July 29, 2005


I like this font very much. Its a kinda cool. Trebuchet it is. The name Trebuchet sends me some good vibes of some games I used to play.

One was the good old AOE. Trebuchet was a damn good contraption to blast ones enemies miles away. Talking about AOE, I got most of my primary level world history gyan by playing this game and later AoC series. Rise of Nations helped me finish the rest. Looking back, it is hard to believe that the entire span of human history was in my hands! Humor apart, it was fun building barracks and ramparts and training soldiers to kill. The game studio seems to have done a great deal of research whilst developing the game. Indeed, the trebuchets in real life worked very much like their game cousins. if you are neither a game freak nor a history geek, I suggest you borrow a CD or a DVD of "LOTR-Return of the King". There is this battle scene, where the Mordor Orcs 'release' the prisoners of war and later pulverise the city of Gondor. Their tool for diplomatic and war missions - the humble trebuchet. For the scientifically inclined there is this site which gives some dope on trebuchet.

<{Strange Cousins}>

When I was young, my brer gifted me a catapult. It was a hand held thingie made of two twigs and a piece of rubber tube. It was a peacemaker, trebuchet and toy - all rolled into one. Like Orcs had Gondor for fun, we had another bastion. The mango trees. In summer, the mango orchards in Kerala, blessed with hanging bunches of mangoes, were children's playground. Adding to the mirth, were the crows and the smaller birds. Some of us had fun bringing down a sparrow or a song thrush once in a while. Apparently none of us knew about the WWF or Greenpeace or Prakriti club then. Once, a braver cousin of mine once tried to get a crow. He managed to escape with a few pecks from the angry murder. That day I learnt that I could outrun the rest of the gang.

I do miss my childhood.

So much for trebuchets, games and fonts.. Its time to take a nap before going to sleep in ITI class.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Moi first blog

So far life has been simple. Am used to reading blogs and putting arbit replies. Got bored, had enuff.. or whatever. So got this wild idea, to find out how green is the grass over here. Lemme start blogging.

But mind you. I am a born lazy goose. Unlike the blogs my friends keep, say Evilian's Catharisis or Jith's Uncertainity,this may die young. Infant mortality, sort of.

For those who pass by my blog another day, dont forget to kudo me if you spy another arbit post in this blog, for I would have shaken off my laziness for a while. So much for archaic stuff. But what should I blog on? Lemme see.