Thursday, September 15, 2005


Yet Another Onam!

Another fine morning but this time with a little bit of effort towards the making of "Pookkalam".

<< The final product

One of the firsts in WIMWI land. According to one of old mallu admins here, most of the previous batch mallu tucchas would have utilised this as an opportunity to gulp down Holy Nirvana Water or gone to the authentic malluland hotel "4 Foods" near Thaltej Char rasta.

Project Pookkalam

The chief architects: Bamboo Singh and Auntie

The supporting cast: Todo (pronouonced as Toh-Doh), Mafia, Mili, Milky Singh, QC and a traditonal oil lamp.

A running nose and fever left me missing the 4 Foods' OnaSadya (left). Doc Milky advised me to have crocin. Insti doc prescribed "para-cetri-tetra". I took both prescriptions. May be the double dose of para had the effect. Slept peacefully till 1.00 pm.

I hope the fever has got to do nothing with my latest object of attraction.