Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mum's the word

All the brouhaha over the IIPM,IBM and Gaurav Sabnis failed to move the mainstream media in the country. Seems strange. Afterall our journos like to splash such 'sensational' news on the front page itself. Maybe their bosses are worried about losing a dime or two from the advtg kitty.
Talking about responsible journos, of late I got two calls from the scribes of a prominent sleaze rag which claims it self to be a National Newspaper. One wanted to know my views on virginity and the other wanted my opinion on pre marital sex. Unforunately I didnt have much to say because of our media policies which saves us from dishing out the crap to the media. But it was fun reading the views expressed by the kids from the nearby colleges on these burning topics.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Mumbai Times

Mumbai is hot and humid, just like Malluland. And this calls for some chilled beer to refresh one up. It is fun to do quizzing with a little beer inside. We used to fill up the tank before each quiz when we were in Law College. And surprisingly the answers seemed pretty easy then. Those were the juvenile days and those acts were born out of sheer juvenile pleasures.
This time I really wanted to.
To bury the pains and pangs of the heart.
Met old pal Perry, ex-Sid Basu team and now with Bhogle. A nice jovial sardarji. The quiz was good.. The prelims questions was crackable and the finals was thrilling. Could have won by a huge margin but for the foolish tries on the buzzer for more points. Harsha Bhogle is a great quiz master, good questions, nice compering and a hit with the audience.
And they had a Yamaha fazer on display.
We thought we had won that. But no prizes for the time being. Perry said "Come to Dilli and take home the goodies"
One Memorable Q&A that went like this..
Which was the third highest revenue source for British Raj? The answer was Salt Tax, but the KJ Somaiyya guys brought the house down with laughter with their answer - Prostitution.
Now to Dilli for the finals and more laughs and.. yes.. the Fazer.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Second time in a row, in a week..

Tried replacing the sorrow with Piotr Arsenyevich Smirnov's C2H5OH concoction...
Boarded the night flight to Mumbai..
The tantrums thrown by an old Gujju lady at the air port enlivened the mood a bit though.
She didnt want the CISF ppl to frisk her handbag.
"What do you think I am, a terrorist?", she shouted at the poor cops.
Cant imagine her totting an AK-47 and making us pee in our pants.


And yeah, the Spicejet Air Hostesses were pretty cute too.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Me Goofy Boltoi

It is Confirmed!!

Here's a personality trait test result which confirms my worst fears.

My alter ego is Goofy! I am fun and great to be around, and I am always willing to help others. I ain't worried about embarrassing Myself, so I am one who is more willing to try new things. (Irish Republican Army, are you listening?)
I scored as Goofy.





Donald Duck


The Beast


Sleeping Beauty


Peter Pan


Cruella De Ville


Snow White






Which Disney Character is Your Alter Ego?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Another day..

Woke up @ 3.30 pm..
Missed the appointment with Prof Gupta...
Went for the Conflu Masterplan Team meeting...
In search of an innovative idea we should develop into a bplan for an outlay of up to US$ 5 billion to win a part of $11,000 prize money at stake...
Lotsa arbit ideas such as Kochar's silicon boob plant to my own intergrated travel solution...
Listened to Saboo and Shashu working out the market potential(including exports) for Silicon implants...
Listened to TSMG ppl's presentation (the pastry was really good) ...
Listened to Capri's and Mooli's comments on my paunch (WTF!)...
Spoke to warden about the facchas's acads load and the need to break the bones of perverts...
Joined Prof Gupta, Javed and Gayab on the discussion reg. J&K Earth Quake relief programme...
Discussed with Algo and Horji about the next big international thing WIMWI students are planning...
Watched the Garba/Dandiya nautch @ LKP...
Reduced water of life's level to 3 fingers...


Sent a dbab to Fenian Brotherhood...
No Reply...


End of the day status: Pits

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cold Man Sach-Z

Many members of the fair species find me cold and boring.
They think I am either too nerdy or too sarcastic.


Some times I behave like a cultured chap who talks very less and is extremely chauvinistic and I get branded as a moron.
And yet, when I want to do amends by acting smart, cracking a wise joke or two, they say I am an uncouth rascal with no sense at all...


No wonder this state of affairs has denied me a Paro so far.. :)
Chandramukhi.. anyone?

This reminds me of an exchange between Natalya Simonova, a level 2 geek programmer at the Severnaya Space Weapons Control Centre and Agent Double-O-Seven in the movie "The Golden Eye"

Natalya: How can you act like this, how can you be so cold?
Bond: That's what keeps me alive.
Natalya: No. That's what keeps you alone.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Garba, Durga Puja et Maha Navami

It is nice to see many people strutting around wearing colorful garbs. Garba is happening around. And I have missed all the Garba/Dandiya parties so far. So went to MICA for the fiesta.
It was fun watching all those backless cholis. But the fun ended there. The sort of Garba, I have seen on TV was more lively. This one paled significantly. The dances were rather slow and some of them (I think the non Gujju folks) were busy improvising their own style. I could see a Macarena here and a Bangra on the other corner. Altogether, it resembled some sort of a dance in a tribal society where everyone had the freedom to dance the way he/she wanted to.
But what the hell, why should I bother. Everyone was enjoying the programme. We are having our own Garba party the day after. Looking forward to it.

How to shake a leg


In WIMWIland, the Bong community is gearing up for the Durga Pooja. We have got a nice statue of Devi Durga. 12th is the immersion date.

In Kerala we celebrate Vidyarambham, the initiation ceremony with Saraswathi Pooja. I remember keeping the books and utensils during the pooja time and not opening/using/touching them till Vidyarambham. Newspapers, radios, vehicles and kitchen implements were spared, lest we get stranded without food, news and transport. :)

For me, the acad books are on pooja for most part of the acad year.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

On the path to recovery

I couldn't call Gullu who would have set my comp right. Gava delegated the work to the local comp engineers. They gave up after tinkering for two days. And i was literally like feeling a piece of .. er.. cold meat. Then Bhagwan Google saved me from a near probable nerve wreck.

The research threw up the following.
1. My comp's NTFS partition is gone (Stop 0x00000024 error). Immediate Action: Changed the dbab nick to 'NTFS sucks'. Short Term action plan: get the data retrieved.
2. I had to retrieve my data. Immediate Action: Get the comp booted and access the NTFS partition or whatever is left of it from some other OS. Short Term action plan: mount the C volume
3. There are non-Microsoft tools which helps one to do the job. Immediate: get them!!

So i got the following from the net:
NTFS reader: To reader and retrieve my data
XFdisk: to rewrite the MBR
Partition Recovery: restoring the partition

And after nearly five hours of toil, managed to get most of the data and the comp up and running.


Well, got all my emails and SAC docs back. But all my pictures are gone.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


My comp is gone!! I cant go beyond the Blue Screen Of Death!!

All those data and pics!!!


Some one save me!!