Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Spam Stars

I remember Prof MMM telling me the other day in WIMWI abt the use of emails as tools of persuasive communication. He was citing the examples of all those Nigerian free money mails and online lotto winnings.

Unfotunately Yahoo and Gmail dont filter all these junk to the bulk folder.

Earlier I used to delete these mails by just reading the subject line. Now I have started replying back to each and everyone of such mail. After all, there is our Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V key combo for making one's life easier.

1. Sample reply #1
"..I cant say how thrilled I am to go through your mail. As a token of my appreciation of your efforts in mailing me, I have decided to donate the whole fortune to you, save $500,000. Please send me the amount ASAP. Else I shall send out my bloodthirsty hounds after you. They love sausages like anything. And do I need to tell you what they are gonna do to you once they catch you?.."

2. Sample reply #2
"..Dude, you just gimme $1,000,000. Rest you keep for yourself. Send the money to me ASAP. Else I ll find you, catch you, sodomise you, castrate you and finally feed you to my pet sharks.."

I guess they will have a nice laugh after they read the crap I send them.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Yahoo Bulk mail

Yahoo does a fantastic job, so does Gmail. They filters most of the unsolicited trash.

But generally the mails fall into 4 categories.
1. Wanna buy some viagra and have a rocking time?
2. Wanna increase ur dick size?
3. Wanna get a university degree on the sly?
4. What about a home loan?

My answers
1. No thanks, I am pretty much OK and rocking now
2. Why, I am already well endowed and I am not planning to go polevaulting with it.
3. After so much of degrees, whats the use for an extra scrap
4. Thanks, but I recently heard that many of you guys got caught in US for peddling the same?

Monday, May 22, 2006


Ren TV is fun.
The channel is Russian.
Most expats here love Ren TV.
But why?
The same reason most non-Mallus had when they used to watch Surya TV.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Sane Sex!

On May 17th when Sensex lost its mind and 565 pts the 'Wit' Mantri murmured in his sleep " It is just a correction"

On May 18th when the oversexed market blew 826 points he didnt find it worthwhile to give his valuable comment >>

When the bourses get tanked, when the investors get f*cked, try to keep a cool head! Whatay cool mantri we have!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Da Wild North

When I got the posting letter from ***, junta laughed at me and gave me good blessings. The place was expected to be as safe as Iraq/Afganistan. Even I was not sure abt my decision. Kazakhstan fir the bill of the place fit sending your mom-in-law on vacation, one wag remarked. And Temirtau, my destination, threw up wonderful results on Google search.

Sample this

"...Temirtau and for Igor and its 120,000 other residents, a dodgy skyline is the least of their worries. The worsening socio-economic situation in Temirtau, inflated by the down-sizing of its main employer the steel-producing combinat, and the virtual collapse of the former Soviet welfare state, is being tragically aggravated by a relatively cheap and well organised supply of illicit narcotics..." (From "Tragedy of Temirtau")

Well.. Aids, drugs, violence. Whatay place?

Just curious to know more about the place I said three Hail Googles and placed a search for images which threw up the following

I decided to pack my bags for Temirtau.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Back to mindless blogging.

long time since i blogged + getting fed up checking mails & orkut time & again + absolutely no work at the office = rekindling this bakwaas blog

#1 No serious stuff
#2 100% arbit and bakwaas
#3 Anything living or dead reading this crap should consider ending his/her/its life in 5 minutes