Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Spam Stars

I remember Prof MMM telling me the other day in WIMWI abt the use of emails as tools of persuasive communication. He was citing the examples of all those Nigerian free money mails and online lotto winnings.

Unfotunately Yahoo and Gmail dont filter all these junk to the bulk folder.

Earlier I used to delete these mails by just reading the subject line. Now I have started replying back to each and everyone of such mail. After all, there is our Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V key combo for making one's life easier.

1. Sample reply #1
"..I cant say how thrilled I am to go through your mail. As a token of my appreciation of your efforts in mailing me, I have decided to donate the whole fortune to you, save $500,000. Please send me the amount ASAP. Else I shall send out my bloodthirsty hounds after you. They love sausages like anything. And do I need to tell you what they are gonna do to you once they catch you?.."

2. Sample reply #2
"..Dude, you just gimme $1,000,000. Rest you keep for yourself. Send the money to me ASAP. Else I ll find you, catch you, sodomise you, castrate you and finally feed you to my pet sharks.."

I guess they will have a nice laugh after they read the crap I send them.


Blogger AJITH said...

Lol !. Got here from kerala blog roll..Nice replies.Will try something on similar lines next time I win the nigerian super lotto

4:00 AM  

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