Saturday, September 30, 2006

Test drive.

Quite eager to check out the new camera.
Tried checking the zoom.
From my hotel window I can see this building that was coming up two blocks away. took a snap in the normal auto mode without zoom.

then zoomed to near the derrick of that building and took this snap

hmm.. not bad isnt it..
Dont I stand a good chance getting into the papparazzidom? ;)

Which one to buy

Wanted: A good digital camera, with minimujm optical zoom 10x, 6 mega pixels, and less noise at higher ISOs. AND WITH WARRANTY.
Moi budget: 2000 Dhs
Asked a couple of pals, they didnt have much clue, posted the same on the Photography NB @ Dbabble. Did own research and finally zeroed in on 3 models- Canon Powertshot S3 IS, Sony Cybershot H5 and Panazonic Lumix FZ30
Did some research
and also the fabulous

kicked out Panazonic in the round 1, But was caught in a fix which one to choose-sony or canon. Went to the shop, Sony had a tag of 1900 Dhs while canon came for 1775 Dhs with a 1GB card. Tried my best bargaining, no avail. Then the shopkeeper himself, I had visited his shop for at least 5 times to bargain, told em Canon is a safe bet since it has less noise when it comes to higher ISOs and a better imaging chip.!!

So S3 IS it is.
I hope, sincerely hope, that I made a wise decision.
Here's my baby (the pic is from since I could not take the pic of my own camera with the same camera)

Soon I ll put some quality pics on this blog instead of mindless drivel.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


job's very boring. now doing an enrichment by...
. pretending to be busy by peering at the comp screen
. making excel sheets, reports and presentations which every one know is crap
. drinking coffee ever hour
. asking boss stupid dumb questions
. extending the lunch hour to one hour and taking another hour long siesta

Sunday, September 17, 2006

So finally in Dubai

Dubai in 12 words -hot, boring, steel, glass, cars, traffic jams, jebelali, burdubai, deira, malls, mallus
I miss temirtau and the fun.. :(