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Desert Safari

Dubai is a really a boring city, unless one finds the steel and glass buildings and the sea of automobiles on the road or the mall explorations sexy. especially for one coming fom the calm serene cool green realm of Temirtau.(why do i forget i spent 99% of my life so far in the land of chaos and kachara?)
endless watching the movies, soaps on TV or mindless sleeping throught the weeekends is not a solution. Desert safari seems like a good option to venture out of dubai city and see some 'natural beauty' or breathe some non airconditioned unpolluted air. Afterall the hotel ppl and VB, my boss, recommended it as cure to the ennui.

It costs around 160 DHs per person, but since the Ramadan is on and hence no bellydance it wud be only 120 Dhs. Whatay! a straight 25% discount on a/c of no Bellydance!! or rather, a 33% premium for bellydancing!!

we went in a landcruiser. Indeed there are no other vehicles fit for desert safari other than landcruisers-our driver sez. The desert(well, dubai is no more a desert town, it has become a major hub in the ME) is around 40 mins drive (averaging 120 km/hr) from the hotel.

the entire desert is mottled with landcruisers scattered around like houseflies.

well the ride proved to be exciting. it was like riding on Indian roads. quite a lot of ups and downs. Three kids(relatively speaking) from coimbatore were screaming and shreiking like mad though I doubt one guy peed in his pants (sorry cudnt check) .

I managed to get some snaps and in the process to verify the tall claims made by canon abt their image stabilisation. here are some..

the dunes. I took it from inside the Cruiser, I was seated in the back, in automode with a li'l zoom so that vehicle's dash board and driver's head are off the frame.

the sands.. the pattern on the sand is made by the wind erasing the tyre marks left by the safari vehicles. I took it from the Cruiser while it was doing the bumpy ride across the dunes.

we stopped in a wadi in the desert. the sun was behind a dune. So i took this snap. now i wish i had a UV filter.

the camel farm in the wadi. it was feeding time for the camels and there were more tourists than the camels and the farm hands put together, with every tourist clicking away frantically at the camels with oohs and aahs in japanese, korean, russian, english, Hindi and even Malayalam. I too joined the melee and took a couple of snaps.

Without a UV filter it is near impossible to get a good pic of the sun in the daylight, an experienced hand had opined. Which meant I had to wait till the sun sets. which also meant I postpone the desert buggy ride (a 250 cc contraption with which you can ride on smaller dunes) . I got this pic before we set out for the desert camp, the dinner time watering hole.


Blogger .:: Rosh ::. said...

the setting sun looks gorgeous! nice capture..but a long exposure would've created a magical image.
I hope you are not just doing a 'point n shoot' routine, check the manual and try out the features.
i want to see more you have a good reason.

8:33 PM  
Blogger Thanu said...

Desertr Safari is so much fun. I did a Dubi trip last and I enjoyed the Safari.... food is amazing towards the end.

8:37 PM  

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Blogger DubaiDesert Safari said...

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Blogger musandam dibba said...

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